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Website, UI/UX Design

The Challenge

Immigration is a lengthy process with various rules, regulations and policies surrounding which changes rapidly. This leads to a lot of information which can be a sight for sore eyes. There also comes a point when accessing information might not be enough and you’d like to get in touch with an immigration consultant.

What we did to tackle it? Innovative ideas?

  1. We designed a website implementing an easy-to-comprehend, logically structured informational architecture so as to aid the user in accessing the information they are looking for quickly and easily.
  2. To ensure that if the need arises and the client would like to contact one of the immigration consultants, we added maps, contact information and even direct contact methods from within the website.
  3. Given the evolutionary nature of immigration, it was imperative for us to add blogs into the website. Blogs serve as a quick and easy way to put out information that is vital for potential immigrants. However, we ensured that the client can do this themselves to reduce dependencies and release new information quickly and efficiently.   

Step-by-step guide of how we did what we did

Planning was one of the essential keys:

  1. We broke the project down and prioritized each aspect.
  2. The copyright team created the content while the UI/UX team created different design concepts.
  3. The copyright, UI/UX and front-end team then sat down together to implement the content.

To us, communication between client and our team was another aspect which dictates success from failure:

  1. To create a personalized custom website, we keep our clients on JIRA and keep in constant contact with them, sharing our progress throughout the process.
  2. This is also done by weekly emails, ad hoc phone calls and usage of communication platforms such as WhatsApp to ensure that the client is always in the loop.


The main goal of this website was to promote Canada, promote immigration into Canada and showcase:

  • The experience these consultants have
  • The ease of immigration
  • The information surrounding Canada 

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