ENT and Head-Neck Cancer Hospital & Institute
Software, UI/UX Design

The Challenge

This was a mammoth undertaking. The system that the client used before was complex and unforgiving. With such heavy requirements and the need for many modules, it took a lot of experience to simply navigate around through the platform.

The system they were looking for needed to contain all the modules and requirements to operate a hospital but it also had to be simplistic enough so that anyone with little to no knowledge could operate.

What we did to tackle it? Innovative ideas?

  1. Gathering requirements: We went to the hospital, spoke to the doctors to streamline down exactly what they wanted. We then visited the different departments and watched how they conducted their day to day operations.
  2. Requirement analysis: With so many modules and so many dependencies, data being continuously manipulated, transmitted and utilized all over the system, we mapped out the entire system. We then found out the loopholes and locked in the requirements. We provided the finalized requirements to the clients and got it signed off on.
  3. Build (UI/UX): The client, as mentioned before, was really focused on getting the design element right. We created a very simplistic UI and then had it run by non-technical folks to ensure that anyone can utilize the platform.
  4. Build (Full): Communication is key. Internal communications had to be kept simple and transparent. After every module was built it was handed over to the Quality Assurance (QA) team for testing.
  5. We were constantly building, testing and rebuilding the platform whilst visiting the client to showcase our project.
  6. We also kept them up to date by having the whole project mapped out on JIRA so they could get a live sense of how the development was progressing. 


The goal of this project was unique. They already had a system in place to manage their hospital however it lacked user-friendliness and it was extremely complex to grasp even for people that were tech-savvy. The previous solution was also a simple desktop application which lacked:

  • Data security and protection
  • Data backup
  • User friendliness
  • Only contained a fraction of the functionalities that we custom built in for them

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