Hospital Management Solution

  • This software solution was a completely customised solution built by our team of experienced professionals from the IT industry: requirement analysts, developers, project managers and team leads. A modular and highly scalable solution which can grow and evolve with your business’s changing needs
  • We’ve seamlessly integrated a large portion of the hospitals functions from patient reception, to processing them to the OPD/IPD, accounts and billings, pharmacy and even generating statistical reports for quick overviews.
  • Our system doesn’t just focus on functionality, we focus on data backup, protection and privacy. We’ve created a flexible system that can be used via the inter/intra-net to allow users to access and utilise it from whatever is best suited to them.
  • This solution was designed as a user-centric solution with user-friendliness, simplicity and ease of use as the primary focus. Anyone, regardless of their technical expertise can sit down, look at the system and get to using it within a few minutes. If you can read, you can use our solution.

Their challenges, our solutions

  • The ENT Foundation is a semi-government hospital and one of our major clients. The ENT already had a system in place however it was far too complex for most of their staff to use, lacked data protection and data privacy. This resulted in constant loss of data and staff being unable to use it due to the complexities associated with it
  • The ENT required this solution to increase productivity and efficiency. As a semi-government hospital, they receive thousands of patients per day. With most of their functions on one platform, operations became a lot easier
  • The integration of many modules led to simplicity and accountability in the entire process. It also simplified the whole process and helps to manage resources
  • Everything was done on paper. Paper is messy and gets lost/damaged/misplaced easily. An IT solution not only made the whole process efficient but also environmentally friendly

Our Features

Patients: Arbree Solution’s Hospital Management Solution patient module primarily focuses on receiving the patient, saving their data for future usage. This also populates a database which helps medical professionals for use in the future.

Reception: Arbree Solution’s Hospital Management Solution reception module has been created for a preliminary prognosis to be conducted and then they are routed to the proper medical personnel. They can also book their wards and cabins from within this module with details such as the doctor they wish to visit, their admission dates and make payments. Within the module also lies the ability to view patient history, filtration of patients by different parameters and services.

Diagnostics: Arbree Solution’s Hospital Management Solution diagnostics module allows users to receive a patient, send them to the correct diagnosis department whilst creating a record for them, adding services and tallies up bills. Services rendered also change by the diagnostic module chosen. Like every other module, there’s a complete history list to maintain accountability.

OT: Arbree Solution’s Hospital Management Solution OT module allows users to input all relevant operation details by searching them from a set of pre-defined operations. Surgeons/doctors/medical staff can be chosen from within the module and time and date set. Operation details can also be filled in. Just like any other module, there’s a complete history list to maintain accountability.

Accounts: Arbree Solution’s Hospital Management Solution accounts module has a wide range of functionality and was built to optimize the workload of the users managing it. From bill creation to viewing of bills, adding of expense, incomes, advance payments and everything that relates to a typical accounts module has been integrated in.

Pharmacy: Arbree Solution’s Hospital Management Solution pharmacy module takes into account all required pharmaceutical requirements, features and functionality. From purchases and sales, to viewing expired drugs, profit-loss generation and history. A full, modularized, integrated module to aid you in controlling your drug purchases.

Reports: Arbree Solution’s Hospital Management Solution reporting module allows you to view revenue, profit-loss, expensive-purchase reports filtered in various ways to help you gain a better understanding of your business which in effect will aid how you operate your enterprise.

Settings: Arbree Solution’s Hospital Management Solution settings module gives you control over many aspects of the solution. It allows you to add doctors/rooms/expenses/incomes amongst various other things. One of the most notable functionality is the user-access control which can be set by page or module giving rise to a great deal of accountability in your day to day operations.   

Our Solutions

We Understand Your Business

You do not need to spend a lot of time explaining your business to us. Given that we’ve built our product from the ground up, we’ve visited all departments and spoke to the people in the field giving ourselves detailed, real-world exposure to how this industry operates. You will enjoy the benefits of leveraging our Industry Knowledge and Experience which may allow you to further improve your business practices, solve problems and maximize the profit on your software investment.

Better Than Spreadsheets, any day

The software solution eliminates the unproductive, unsystematic and monotonous procedures of running your business using spreadsheets. Spreadsheets and physical paper solution also brings about an element of dependence on employees which hurts accountability and security. Our integrated platform contains data from all past transactions allowing you to easily find and retrieve data, will eliminate any double takes on the same task and automate a lot of tasks such as creation of documents, generation of reports without spending long hours and all of this with access control for tight security.

Unique challenges require customised solutions

There may be various HMS out there for you to purchase however that can be an uncertain proposition especially when the people who built it might or might not have the relevant, real-life experience or who don’t know anything about your particular business operates. The lack of knowledge might lead to very uncertain parameters for you for example: not knowing price or duration to create your product, not ensuring upgradations or maintenance for you, all with technology that would need require modifications and upgrades from time to time. Arbree Solutions HMS helps you avoid these problems with solution made specifically for your requirements, backed by the people who not only know this industry very well but also knows your business.

Stand-Alone accounting software’s simply aren’t versatile enough

For Accounting and anything pertaining to finances, Accounting Software is fine. The problem lies with the fact that HMS has a part related to finances but does not revolve around it. With many modules and a lot of data being transferred, calculated and then recalculated, accounting software is simply not flexible enough to handle the dynamics of a Hospital. There are far too many things going on at once and it might even be valid to say that stand-alone accounting software’s might even increase your workload. Accounting software’s also are not built to be able to calculate a lot of the workflows and calculations required at a hospital for instance, generation of commission, splitting of doctor-hospital fees, track pharmacy purchases and various other parameters only present at hospitals. Arbree Solutions HMS has specifically been made for seamless working and unique requirements to deal with the finances in a hospital.

We give you the reigns of Your Business

Arbree Solutions HMS goes beyond just managing a hospital, we provide you control over your business. We make all your vital information accessible from one platform, managing everything from expenses due, to patient fees unpaid, we’ve accounted for all the oversights, tracking sales activity and history of any purchases from pharmaceutical drugs, capturing documents, email messages, integrating sms functionality and a whole host of other functionalities enabling us to provide you with specialized reports and analytics on your dashboard to give you quick overviews and insights into trends and overall business performance to allow us to expedite your decision making.

The financial side of it all

At Arbree Solutions, understand the importance of providing value to your software investment. We focus on delivering a solution with cost saving productivity, key analytics and provide you with greater visibility to provide you with greater control over your business. You will see your Return On Investments the minute you start utilizing our product in terms of savings in terms of time and increase in efficiency. We also help you control your IT cost providing you with a cost-effective, long-term maintenance plan. No large, surprise upfront charges, no additional charges for minor customizations. We speak to you, gather and fix the requirements and build accordingly.


A very difficult choice is put upon clients when it comes to choose from different business vendors. Everyone claims to be the number 1 HMS provider with pages full of testimonials. However, if you have a look at the semi-government entity that we’ve catered to, their testimonials and duration of our service to them, we’re sure you can draw a very firm conclusion about our reputation, confidence and trust that our clients have placed with our solutions.

Scalable, Modularised Technology

Irrespective of the size of your enterprise and how long you’ve been in the game, Arbree Solutions HMS provides you with the flexibility you need to pursue opportunities and adapt new business models into your system. We’ve created our system architecture to scale up to meet customer demands, easily handle large transaction volumes with increased customer demands and keep your business information in control.

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