Why Us?

The Arbree Consulting development team harnesses and leverages years of experience with practical implementations in the last few months. With a young, dynamic team full of innovation and enthusiasm, we work aggressively to provide you with top-notch creative solutions.

We provide creative custom solutions to aid you in streamlining the needs of your organisation. Our solutions are centred on two fundamental principles: cost-effectiveness and simplicity. With a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals from diverse backgrounds coupled with a wealth of experience from producing multiple solutions, we aim to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your organisation as a whole.

Our Journey

Founded by Mahbubul Salehin in 2016, Arbree Limited has experienced tremendous growth very rapidly.

Having built a company which truly focuses around having a customer-centric business, Arbree Limited has swiftly built up a solid reputation as one of Dhaka’s most innovative IT firm, steadily rising to the big leagues.

At Arbree Solutions, with your interests in mind, we aim to provide you with all the services that you would require. From designing IT products to development, to testing, support and maintenance and even hosting. We provide a whole array of services for you to utilise. As a package or as single services, we cater to everyone: the self-made entrepreneur to the blooming new startup and we’ve even provided our services to semi-government entities. No matter what the size of your enterprise, if you need assistance, Arbree Solutions will find a way to help you. Bring us your ideas, your concepts and let us bring them to life and turn them into reality.

We revolve around You, we sweat so you don’t have to. How about you take a look at our full range of services and let us work together.