Digital Bangladesh is a buzzword that changed the view of the IT scene of Bangladesh. IT companies all over the country, along with the Government are working to make that vision successful. It’s 2020, Bangladesh is almost to reach the image of Digital Bangladesh. It’s a long walk towards the goal and has crossed a decade. The day when the thought came, the whole nation was a welcomer of technology, and now, they are the successor.

A Glimpse of Digital Bangladesh: Dreams are Coming True

Digital Bangladesh is a concept standing on increasing the access of Information technology for the people of Bangladesh. It bases on four pillars: Digital Government, Human Resource Development, IT Industry Promotion, and Connecting Citizens. So. It is a pretty clear term that it tends to enhance the empowerment of the citizens of Bangladesh by using IT’s best objectives.

Once the whole country gets digitalized, people will quickly find themselves connecting easily with each other, and so with the Government. As the government sectors also digitalize themselves, the vice versa connection will be like sipping on a cup of tea, yes, it is merely that easy. Human resource development gets smoothen when communications go faster. Finally, IT industries embrace the aptitude of a massive number of social power; it doubles the strength.

When the four pillars stand steady and help each other renewably use the benefits of Information Technology, we can see an unbreakable graph of development. IT makes a country mighty and collects the power of intellect. The sooner the IT sector develops itself, and the faster people enrich the economy.

Accessible Benefits That Digital Bangladesh Offers

Years back, papers were the storehouse of information, and manual skills were the primary aspect of optimizing and maintaining all of the systems. Just after the term Digital Bangladesh got clear, the whole country started forgetting the boredom, sloth, and man-to-man dependency. Now, there is a smooth way to join the office using no vehicles. That benefits have been pretty standard, Digital Bangladesh is getting evaluated, and hundreds of specialized benefits people access every day. Here prevail several random benefits that Digital Bangladesh offers:

Increased Productivity of Agriculture

Bangladesh is an agricultural country, but farmers were less familiar with the technology before the concept of Digital Bangladesh appeared. All the technology used earlier were most often machines. Now farmers can directly talk to specialists to enrich productivity. Upazila Information Center to The headquarters, every office monitors the agriculture in minutes now. Newest research gets applied, and markets no longer remain uncatchable.

Smart Education for Everyone

The new generation of Bangladesh cannot think of a single day studying without ICT support. Multimedia classes have grabbed students’ interest on one side; access to the internet has broadened the scope of study beyond the syllabus. Great use of databased has lessened the pressure to tackle the system. And, many more ICT accesses enrich the development of education.

24/7 Healthcare Anywhere

There was a reality when patients use to lose their patience to meet a doctor. Now, it can be a story only, not reality. People have doctors in their house. Telemedicine has been easy to apply because of internet access anywhere. Websites and mobile apps are also quite a satisfactory source of ensuring healthcare. Three are hundreds of health centers too for non-stop support.

Expanded Social Security

The Government cannot monitor the activities of that enormous population physically. But people need to feel proper social security ensured by government agencies. So, connecting through the internet is the best choice to establish social security. A mobile call or only a message via an app can bring the Police, RAB, Fire Service, or an ambulance.

Upgraded Connectivity Infrastructure

The concept leads the whole country to connect relentlessly. Millions of people have mobile phones, including the 4G network now. The proper bandwidth has engaged innumerable people with broadband networks. The software has been available and instructed to simplify the connectivity. With minimum expense, wireless networks are everywhere to challenge technology worldwide.

Practical Implementation of ICT in Business

Digital Bangladesh extended the scope of the business, even with the other countries. Websites have been the most consistent source of starting entrepreneurship—social media engagement connects to buyers and sellers. E-service and E-commerce sites have enlarged the expansion with the privilege of that superb concept. Training, production, maintenance, business development, and all the other aspects of business smoothen the better future of business and economy. The whole world relies now on the business ideas of Bangladesh for its outstanding technological approach,

IT Companies: Playing Vital Roles

It’s never easy for the Government to convert that vast concept into reality without the help of private sectors, especially IT companies. Here, IT companies are contributors and successors of that dreamy reality. From the very beginning, the Government and the IT companies working for the implementation of Digital Bangladesh, sometimes random, and sometimes together.

Here are the roles of IT companies at a glance:

Investor: IT companies play the role of investors in the IT sector of Bangladesh. There are many projects where companies invest their idea, workforce, capital, and time.

Trainer: The concept is more than a material approach. Millions of people need to get trained in various sectors. It naturally tough for the Government to qualify millions of people in government centers. IT companies train employees for better reach who works for gross development.

Promoter: Yes, it sounds a little irregular, but companies use it to promote the concept. Companies make the messages reach the people of the country, and presents the potential all over the world. Every successful project needs proper international recognition. When a company shows strong credentials, it naturally exhibits the technological potential of that nation.

Developer: IT companies play the role of indirect developers of Digital Bangladesh. The development of every sector related to technology depends on how broadly it can spread. IT companies give the industrial and economic sectors a better push to evaluate day by day. And, the super-competitive national market of technology lets the area take newer challenges for a better professional atmosphere.

Successor: Besides offering a better approach to the concept of Digital Bangladesh, IT companies also get privileged by the aspects of Digital Bangladesh. Here, IT companies can access quality intellectual labor at a low cost. Digital Bangladesh makes a large crowd that uses services of the IT sector.

Steps of IT Sector That Can Beautify Digital Bangladesh

Many steps already exist to implement the dream of Digital Bangladesh. Yet, the IT sector can beautify the concept through a few steps:

  • Enriching Employability
  • Faster Network
  • Talent Search
  • More Collaboration with The Government
  • Expanding Global Market
  • Prudent Investment
  • Generalize The Idea of Technology
  • Specialized Consultancy
  • Filtered Maintenance
  • Websites for All

Bottom Line:

The concept of Digital Bangladesh means a lot to the technological sector. It’s a continuous process that possesses vast fields. All of the IT companies are working to make the concept more valuable. Arbree Solutions is merely a part of that great IT scene where technology deserves to be touchable for all. This way, Arbree thinks to make the use of technology easier for all. Arbree joins Bangladesh’s IT scene intending to make technological approaches reach every corner and swift the use. Arbree’s mobile apps, website design and development, custom software, server maintenance program, and consultancy welcome you. Along with other IT gigs, Arbree Solutions also works for simplifying the aspects of Digital Bangladesh.

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